Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What's for Summer?

Matthew's schooling was over 2 weeks ago na. I still didn't get his report card yet. He may not be part of the top 5, but I know he did his best because all of his seat works and examinations showed that he learned a lot.

I am always thankful that he loves studying. He will never sleep without writing on his notebook. Just like the other night. I was crocheting when I saw him rushing to get his writing notebook. He said he will write and when I told him "bukas na lang anak", he replied with "e di wala na po tayong 04/05." Referring to the date that night.

Anyway, he got two awards during their last day of school.

Truly he is the most joyful and energetic in his class. No doubt about that, haha.

So what's for summer. Their school will have another summer class, but I will not enroll him now and just let him enjoy his summer vacation. I plan to get him back to homeschooling this summer. His summer lessons will include reading and writing, coloring, arts and crafts.

Actually, we already started with reading + writing last night using the Reading Lesson format. We begin our Reading Lesson from Lesson One, but we already reached Lesson Five before.

Lesson One is just easy peasy for him. I include writing so he can practice writing while reading.

Today, he's doing alphabet and number writing. I also encourage him to draw more.

He missed going to school. Last week, he told me why the Holy Week is so long that he's not yet going to school. I told him it's his vacation but he can still study at home. To make him feel like he's still going to school he also has his recess/breaktime!

Breaktime/recess/eating time makes him really happy. That's why he's always inspire to study and finish his lessons, haha!

That's for Matthew's summer. I will buy more art materials like water color so we can do more crafts too. I would love to enroll him at MILO Summer Sports Clinic since he loves basketball. Hopefully there will be one near our home.

This is all for now and have great week everyone!
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