Saturday, April 18, 2015

Finally, Matthew's Report Card + A Recap!

The other day, I asked Matthew's teacher if I can get his report card. She said, we can already get his card at their office. So I asked my sister to drop by their office and here's Matthew's report card.

As you can see he got higher grades at 3rd and 4th grading. Even his character grade gets better during the last 2 quarters. That's why I told him that if only he behaved well during their first 2 grading, he would have been on the top. He just gave me his sweetest smile.
Let's have a recap of Matthew's school year.

During his first months on school, I have already observed that he's still adjusting. It will be a dishonesty if I will tell you that I am not expecting him to be on top. Because I did expect a lot from him. Why not? He loves to study and I have taught him all the basic lessons like ABC, counting and writing. But that's not enough pala because behavior do matter a lot. 

It's not that he has a bad behavior because Matthew is a very courteous and loving child. But when he got into their room and saw his classmates, he got excited and become so playful. There's even a time when he imitated his classmate who's still drinking milk on a feeding bottle. He also laid on the table and crawl under the table just like what his classmates was doing. In simple words, he has a tendency to be hyperactive.

Does it bothered me? Being a worrier, yes it did bothered me. I always remind him to behave in school. We kept on rewarding him every time he got big and superstars. Despite these all efforts to remind him, there were still times he can not control his excitement. Until I realized, this stage will pass and I don't need to stress myself so much. I should focus on the positive things Matthew has done.

I don't have any reasons to not be proud of Matthew. First, he had represent his represent their school to the APRISM Singing Contest (Pre-Elementary Level). He braved the stage and sang without us even coaching him.

He always got high scores on his examinations.

First Quarter Exams
Second Quarter Exams
Third Quarter Exams

He can write and draw well.

And now, he can read!

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So who can't be proud of him. I have all the reasons to be proud of him. In time, he will receive what is due for him. All I need to do is to trust him, love and support him with or without on top. Besides honors will not define one's success.

Have a Blessed weekend!
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