Friday, June 19, 2015

Matthew Andrei's DIY Spiderman Party

Our son had a blast on his 5th birthday. We started his day with this surprise.

The little boy who was crying because he woke up alone in our bedroom instantly smile seeing this. We needed to wake up early so we can prepare for his mini party at school, a DIY Spiderman party. This was the first time he celebrated his birthday at school so we were surprised how hyperactive these little kids are, and that includes Matthew :)

They became more excited when they received their balloons and party hats. When it's time to blow the candle, all the kids were amazed to see his Spiderman cake, which was not finished yet.

We didn't got a chance to set up a table for the DIY party decors that I made because of limited time. But it's okay because he still has a Spiderman party at our home in the afternoon. He excitedly wear his Spiderman costume and posed like these.

With the help of my sisters we set up this.

I made the building backdrop while Daddy A made the banners. I was looking for a Spiderman themed printed table covers - 48 hour rush but since again, due to limited time, I just used our old table cloth. Oh by the way, I also made this Spiderman invitation and printed using our Brother DCP-J100 Printer.

Daddy Allan baked and made this Spiderman cake. Our little boy was so happy!

Pretty cool right? Though he needs more practice. But these cupcakes are almost perfect. Good job Daddy!

Then it's eating time with the same familiar faces from his previous birthdays.

After eating, the kids gather outside to play games. Everyone was so happy with their prizes.

Then time to open his gifts.

He can't contain his happiness when he received this Iron Man Hulk Buster.

Don't be confused, he loves Iron Man too as much as he loves Spiderman. So maybe next year it's an Avengers birthday party for his 6th birthday.

Oh, it was a long, tiring day for us. But seeing how happy our little boy was is priceless. It's all worth the time and effort, especially when I heard, "Mom, thank you!" 

We are thankful for receiving the biggest blessing, our little boy. He is our treasure, source of our joy and happiness, whom we can not trade for anything. We can do everything for our little and we will surely do this again and again, until he already refuse to have a party, haha! 

So that's our DIY Spiderman Party. Have you done a DIY party too?
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