Wednesday, June 17, 2015

On Spy Phone Apps

With the advance technology that we have today, I am not surprised that spy phone application is already developed. It's cheaper than hiring a spy or detective if you want to track your "cheating" husband's whereabouts through his own phone. It can give you real time information too so you don't need to call a detective for update.

Spy phone application is a surveillance software that can record incoming and outgoing calls, sms and surroundings. Also, this mobile tracker can track gps locations, phone browser activity and application messages. So this is not just for tracking cheating husbands or spouses because spy cell phone is also useful when you have children. You can monitor their activities so we can keep them safe and away from any harm. This can at least give us a peace of mind knowing where our children are.

If you are a boss, spy phone app can also help you track your employees’ company issued phone if ever they are using it other than business. Thank goodness our company phone have no spy phone apps, haha.

Aside from tracking activities, some spy phone apps have other features like backing up phone data. So when you accidently hit the factory reset button, spy phone app can help you restore your phone’s data.

Lastly, spy phone app can help you track a stolen phone. So many uses right? For sure, many features will add up in the future. Thank you for the advance technology that we have today.

Have you tried spying someone through his/her phone?
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