Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Thank God it's Tuesday + Anniversary Gift

Thank God it’s Tuesday! Yes, thank God it’s Tuesday because Monday is over. That’s because I had a super stressful Monday. It’s like everyone is asking us about results of this, analysis of that and so on. I want to tell them, “Hello, it’s Monday! Please be calm, it’s just the start of the week.”

But no matter how stressful my Monday was, that won’t keep me from feeling so blessed. Just recently, we received unexpected blessings from work. Because the company recognized our efforts, I know we should live with their expectations and do the best we can do make our company more bountiful. Also, orders keep on coming at our little online shop. These blessings are really unexpected as all I pray for every night is for God’s protection and that His plans for us will be done. God is truly amazing and I am very thankful. It’s so true that when you submit yourself to Him, everything will fall into its place.

Sorry for the long intro. I just want to share how grateful I am. Now, the truth of the matter (haha!), I am looking for an anniversary gift. Yes, anniversary gift, sshhhh… Daddy might read this one, haha!

We will be celebrating our 7th anniversary on July 27 of being a husband and a wife. But that’s actually our 12th year. With that I am looking for something I can give to Daddy A. I can’t do shopping at the mall since I am working on weekdays till Saturday. Online shopping will be my best option to shop for anniversary gift.

As I browse online for a store, I came across MaddaFella.com. MaddaFella.com is selling men's clothing inspired by the sun-drenched adventures of Key West. They have collection of shirts, shorts, polo's, swim and lifestyle apparel. That are designed to be rugged but very comfortable. Just what I am looking for Daddy.

I excitedly browse MaddaFella.com and I saw this T-Shirt.

Short Sleeve Excursions

It will surely look great on Daddy, especially when he matched it with this khaki cargo shorts.

The Buccaneer Cargo Shorts - Khaki
And oh, I also found this Castaway brand shirt. It can also go well with the cargo short right?

The Castaway Brand Shirt
Aside from men's clothing, MaddaFella.com also has lifestyle apparels like caps.

MF Sportsman's Cap - Gray

I really need to stop myself because there are so much to shop at MaddaFella.com. I should check my wallet first if the above will fit in my budget, haha.

Go check out their shop. Happy shopping!
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