Monday, March 13, 2017

Our Burger King Experience

I always look forward to Sundays. This is because Sunday is family day.

After Church, we usually go to mall to do errands like grocery and buying stuff we need at home. If we still have budget naman, we'll have little shopping for things we like. Then after that naman, we'll look for place to eat.

Most of the times, si little bossing namin ang nasusunod. For kids, fast food is always a hit right? Chicken, burger, fries and pizza are the most common food kids love. Alam nyo na siguro kung anong favorite fast food ng aming little bossing. But this time, we begged him to try Burger King. They opened a new store at SM Marilao kasi e. Noon pa namin gusto ni Daddy A tikman burger nila.

Bilang kuripot kami, ngayon lang namin natry. So hello there, Tom, este Burger King!

In fairness, Burger King has a cozier ambiance compared to other fast food restaurant. Hindi crowded, that's it.

Also, I like that their menu is shown thru LED TV.

I let Daddy ordered for us while we looked for a table. So this is Matthew. Mukhang gutom na.

Oh, yes he was hungry na. Showing his big tummy getting smaller na daw. Haha!

Yey, Daddy's orders arrived.

I think he found his new favorite burger.

By the way, I chose this Burger King Chicken Nugget Burger with fries and drinks.

Daddy ordered this Burger King Junior Whopper Burger with fries and drinks.

And this is for Matthew, Burger King Flamed Grilled Cheese Burger with fries and drinks. 

These meal combo are only 99.00 pesos each.

After finishing his Burger King Flamed Grilled Cheese Burger, this our little bossing. He said he's a prince.

My king and prince.

And I'm their queen :)

So that's our Burger King experience. I must say I love their burger. We'll definitely go back at Burger King next time.

Have you tried Burger King burger? 
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