Monday, March 27, 2017

#SampleRoomPH Loots + Maxi-Peel Zero Micro-Exfoliant Fluid Review

This is a super delayed post. But just the same, I will still share it with you. Here's our second  #SampleRoomPH loots.

That's Daddy's Sample Room sample and he got it totally free kasi free din shipping fee. Yup, they had their free shipping on February 14th. O hindi ba super late post na ito, hehe. Anyways, he got this JOHNSON’S® Active Kids™ Shiny Drops™ shampoo for Matthew.

Sample Room PH, Johnson's

I told you Matthew still uses baby products hehe. 

Sample Size: 
1 pc. 200ml  JOHNSON’S® Active Kids™ Shiny Drops™ shampoo: Php 73.00

And since we love Belo Baby and they got a new product, he also picked this Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer.

It has nice scent na not too strong. Since Belo Baby guaranteed it can kill 99% germs and bacteria, we can be sure that our kids are safe.

Sample Size: 
1 pc. 50ml  Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer: Php 49.75

This is what I got naman, Maxi-Peel Zero Micro-Exfoliant Fluid.

Yes yan lang dahil nga my review points was not credited agad and I just want to avail the free shipping that day. Sayang naman kasi this Maxi-Peel Zero Micro-Exfoliant Fluid looks promising e.

Maxi-Peel Zero

Napareview tuloy ako but this is not a full review ha. When Maxi-Peel says zero peeling and redness, super true naman. There will no peeling and no pain.

Maxi-Peel Zero

I just used it every night especially when I had pimple breakout again dahil sa stress and puyat.

For people who used to peeling when using Maxi-Peel medyo maninibago kayo ha. But I think mas okay naman kasi natural looking and it still very effective in removing excess oil and dirt.

Maxi-Peel Zero

So gross I know. Sorry about that. 

Anyway, sharing my photo after a month of using Maxi-Peel Zero Micro-Exfoliant Fluid. I still have pimples but they come and go, and come again, haha. Syempre stress pa din naman ako so dapat pala yun ang gamutin ko hehe. But infairness Maxi-Peel Zero Micro-Exfoliant Fluid help me tamed the pimples on my face during breakouts, and the pimple marks disappear easily.

Maxi-Peel Zero

Don't be discouraged because of my face ha. I will recommend you to try Maxi-Peel Zero Micro-Exfoliant Fluid. Compared to other peeling fluid, this is safer and not too strong. Tama lang ang effect nya. 

So there you go and I hope this helps you decide. By the way, I saw Maxi-Peel Zero Micro-Exfoliant Fluid is still available at Sample Room. Get na kayo. 

To know how to register at Sample Room, read My First #SampleRoomPH Loot for the Year. Registering is so easy. If you want to be referred, leave your email address at the comment box. Sayang naman referral points, haha!


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