Tuesday, March 7, 2017

When My Son is Sick...

When my son is sick, like any other mom, I always feel uneasy and anxious. Hindi talaga ako mapakali. When I am at work, I keep on calling at home. I am not used to seeing my son so quiet and has no energy.

When my son is sick, I worry a lot especially when he has no appetite. I worry because when he's sick and not eating anything, he throws up.

When my son is sick, I will do anything to ease the pain he's feeling and to make him feel comfortable. I make sure I buy a medicine that will help him heal faster like this Paracetamol Biogesic for Kids. Since he's not eating enough, this is safe to drink with empty stomach so he will not throw up.

When he is sick, it will usually last a day. The next day okay na sya. But the last time he had fever, his fever was still soaring as high as 40 C the next night. 

When my son is sick. I stay awake almost all night. I keep my self awake by crocheting.

When my son is sick for 2 days na, that's the time we will go to the doctor. He seldom get sick and if ever man, the next day wala na. But when 2 days na at may lagnat pa sya, I'll file a leave and we'll go to his pediatrician to have him check. It is best to seek a professional advise to know what's causing the fever especially when it last for days na. Usually it may be due to bacterial or viral infection. In case of Matthew, the doctor prescribed antibiotic for his "unseen" colds. 

When my son is sick, he's very clingy and would ask me not to leave him fro work.

When my son is sick, I cook his favorite fried chicken! Suddenly he will eat much again.

When my son is sick, he recovers fast when I personally take care of him. Parang nagdahilan lang as the saying goes.

The next day, he's ready for school na. He even answered his assignment from the previous days.

You know as much as we want to shield our children from getting sick, we just can't. Iba na din kasi panahon ngayon. Even if the kids are completely vaccinated, the viruses mutate na. What we can do is to stay calm, even if it's so hard to, and give them our tender love and care. For sure bibilis paggaling nila. Isa pa, always remember that children fever is a normal. It means that their body has a good defense against bacteria and viruses. (Read: What We Should Know About Child Fevers)

Do you feel and experience the same way too?
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