Saturday, March 25, 2017

Rewards Time

Our son proved once again that despite being playful, he's a hard working student. A week ago, he had their final examinations. Weekend prior to that, we already started reviewing. I let him read on his own para masanay na sya.

Good thing, he can read well both in English and Filipino. We continue reviewing until I was the one who surrendered, haha.

From that day, we were reviewing every night na. We will finished 10 or 11 in the evening but I never hear him complaining. Except that he's so sleepy the next day.

We kept on reviewing until the night of before the last day of examination.

It was such a relief when the final examination was over and he took home two awards - Most Smart and Most Adorable! And he's indeed very smart and adorable #proudmom

And for all his hardship, he deserves a reward.

This toy we got from Miniso may be inexpensive but it already make him happy. But wait, we just learned last night that he's also in the Honor list!

With that he deserves a much bigger reward. So I think I will buy him a guitar sooner than expected. It would have been a birthday gift sana but he deserves this the soonest.

I found this Guitar Center has, mxr at a great price! Just in time. This is called luck, hehe. Anyway, with or without honor, my son deserves a reward. He maybe very playful now but what more pa if he becomes more serious at school.

Again, congratulations anak. Just like last year, you made us so proud. We love you!

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