Tuesday, September 12, 2017

5 Parenting Blogs that are Helpful and Fun to Read

Do you remember the first time when your baby spat out milk or the moment your baby's umbilical stump fell off? Even though there is not much to be worried of, first-time parents would still most likely get nervous in situations that they havent experienced before. Some of them may immediately look up on the internet to know if there is something wrong with their baby, only to find out that other parents reacted worse than they did.

Parenting blogs and websites have been very helpful for new moms and dads as they are able to get valuable insights from the experts for free. Reading stories and sharing their experiences with other people can also help hands-on parents relieve stress during their free time. Parenting is definitely very challenging but the memorable experiences and endless joy that you get more than pays off for the work and effort that you have put in.

Whether you are looking for new baby care tips or for ways to deal with your teenage children, reading parenting blogs can surely help you a lot. Experience is still the best teacher but having a couple of tricks up your sleeve can go a long way. To guide you in your parenting journey, here are 5 parenting blogs that are not only helpful but are also fun to read.

1. The Toddle
The Toddle

The Toddleis an amazing blog that features expertly made guides to assist parents from the early stages of a mothers pregnancy to raising their children during their formative years. Aside from great parenting tips, it is also a one-stop blog for taking care of your childrens health and wellness, nutrition, and proper sleep. The Toddlealso features reviews of various gear and fun activities for your children.

2. Scary Mommy

Scary Mommyoriginally started out in 2008 as an online baby diary of a full-time mom where she wrote down her daily experiences with her children. Since then, the blog grew into an interactive community of millions of parents from around the world. It features guides to pregnancy, amazing video content, parenting and living tips, news articles, and much more from hundreds of professional contributors.

3. Mothering.com

For moms, and also dads, who are interested in natural and eco-friendly living, Mothering.comis the perfect blog that you will surely enjoy. It features guides to breastfeeding and birth choices for mothers as well as expert tips on green nutrition, attachment parenting, alternative education, and gentle discipline techniques.

4. Family Focus Blog

Family Focus Blogis also one of the best parenting resources online. It features fun and valuable information not only about parenting, but also on home decoration, family travel, family nutrition, and different activities that will strengthen your bond with your children.

5. A Day in the Life Dad

Although not as common as mom blogs, there are also some great blogs that are specifically tailored for hands-on dads. A Day in the Life Dadis an interesting collection of fun parenting stories and fashion tips for modern dads who want to stay updated with the current trends. It also features travel diaries and reviews of various products and childrens books.

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