Monday, September 25, 2017

Brother Portable Free Arm Sewing Machine (GS2700) Review

Warning: This is a very late review post. 

Yes, after almost a year, I finally can share a short review about the Brother Portable Free Arm Sewing Machine (GS2700) that Daddy A bought.

So this is our not so new sewing machine (since last year pa ito nabili, hehe).

sewing machine, Brother, portable sewing machine, Brother GS2700

I wish there's a pink color available but there's none. Anyway, it's sturdy unlike the Easy Stitchmax that we have purchased from SM Department store.

sewing machine, Brother, portable sewing machine, Brother GS2700

It has 27 built-in stitches, quick set bobbin and 1-step buttonhole. Daddy first used it because I am a bit scared to try. Also, I have to admit that he has more sewing knowledge than me.

What I like pa is that Brother GS2700 has built-in needle threader so no sweat ang pag-insert ng thread sa needle.

sewing machine, Brother, portable sewing machine, Brother GS2700

Sewing with  a Brother  free arm portable sewing machine (GS2700) is easy and fast with a sewing speed of 850 spm.

Unfortunately, I have no time to explore this nice sewing machine. Luckily, Daddy's Lola is with us now and she knows how to sew. Para din hindi sya ma-bore while she's staying with us temporarily.

At first, she's hesitant to use it because Brother GS2700 has foot controller and she used to the sewing machine na di-padyak. But Daddy A convinced her and told her this Brother GS2700 is much easier to use. 

So now, she's sewing bed sheets, pillow cases, shorts and ternos, which my mother-in-law sells naman. Here's a set of fitted bed sheet that she sew for us.

This is for Matthew naman.

Sewing makes her not feel bore and at the same time she's earning extra money. Big saving for us too because we don't need to buy expensive ready-made bed sheet. We only buy cloth for her to sew to perfectly fit our bed.

Unfortunately this sewing machine is not capable of sewing leather. If you are looking for upholstery sewing machine, check thesewingflow.

If you will ask me if how our electric bill? It has no difference even if Lola is sewing everyday. So that's my Brother Portable Free Arm Sewing Machine (GS2700) short review.

Brother Portable Free Arm Sewing Machine (GS2700)

P 10,995.00

Basic Specs:

Bobbin Type – Horizontal
Sewing Light – LED
Thread Tension Control – Manual
F.A.S.T Bobbin Winding System – Yes
Needle Threader – Yes
Foot Controller – Yes
Quick-Set Bobbin – Yes
Case – Soft Cover
Warranty – 6 months

Sewing Features Specs:

Stitch No. – 27
Sewing Speed – 850 spm
Buttonhole Sewing – 1 Step
Number of Buttonholes - 1

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