Thursday, September 28, 2017

5 Tips to Throwing an Unforgettable Adult Halloween Party

With only a few weeks left for Halloween, you need to be ready not only for your costume but also for the parties you will be throwing. Halloween parties remain to be very popular among kids and adults alike. Throwing an unforgettable Halloween party for your guests is not too hard, but you need to come up with fresh ideas every year to keep them entertained and maintain your stature as the best Halloween party host. Tricks and tips on how to throw an exciting Halloween party flood the internet and you can easily get awesome ideas that will make your adult Halloween party even better than the previous years.

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Here are some of the best tips on throwing a memorable adult Halloween party this year.

1. Level Up the Décor

Say goodbye to your old style Halloween décor and upgrade to a new posh look. Make use of metal, gold, silver, along with chic Halloween symbols. You can also level up the lighting using candles and dim light sources for a more dramatic feel. Search Instagram and Pinterest for amazing modern Halloween home décor ideas and you are on your way to becoming the best host there is
2. Don’t Just Serve Candies

Candies are the star of Halloween, but they should not be your sole offering to your guests. Prepare some cheese, wine, and Halloween inspired desserts and snacks. Make your appetizers more interesting to look and as delicious. Surprise your guests with a great Halloween feast that is easy to prepare and easy on your pocket.

3. Halloween Shots

Parties are even enjoyable with a round of good Halloween shots. Your drinks should complement your menu and must be Halloween inspired as well for an added drama. Mix your favorite drinks and spirits and maybe show some bartending prowess.  Get creative with how you serve them. You will sure to enjoy these shots with friends and will energize you for a night of great fun.

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4. Get Your Playlist Ready

A party is not complete without the right music and a Halloween party with its spooks is not an exception. Conjure up a great music playlist starting from spooky and eerie classical music to start and escalating to party music that will bring down the house. You may look for a Halloween playlist online or you can come up with your own that will fit the tastes of your guests.

5. Entertain Guests with Halloween Games

Take the party to the next level by preparing Halloween party games for your guests. Challenge your creativity by preparing games like Monster Mash, Don’t Say Halloween, Murder Mystery and many others. You will sure to keep your guests entertained and excited for the rest of the night.

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