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5 Tips to Transforming Your Garden Shed into An Artistic Oasis

The idea of taking a mediocre backyard shed and turning it into an artistic oasis or relaxing retreat has become quite popular among DIY enthusiasts all over the world. A garden shed is often used for storage and is prone to collection dust, cobwebs, and insects. While a shed can easily turn into an eyesore on one
s property, it certainly doesnt have to be. This article will provide some tips to transforming your garden shed into an artistic oasis that will be an asset to your property portfolio.

Garden Shed, Artistic Oasis
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1.   Make a plan. 

If you have a garden shed on your property already, you have already completed half of the project. The hardest part is determining where the shed will be and how you will get it installed or built. If you already have one on your property, you will then need to decide on how you will want to use the space differently. After you have determined if you will use the space as a yoga retreat house, a cozy nook, or a painting studio, you can then begin to plan out what materials you will need and how you want the space to look. The functionality of the space will need to be taken into consideration when planning as you will want the shed to work out well with your vision. 

2.   Put up drywall. 

It is likely that you will want to use your shed in a way that it has not yet been used. To give the structure more stability and to make it seem like an extension of your home, you will need to put up drywall. This is a project that can be hired out or done by yourself with some help from a handyman. 

3.  Add insulation. 

After you have installed drywall, you will also want to add insulation to the space. Adding insulation will help keep cold air out in the winter and keep cold air in during the summer months. If you have insulation, you could consider adding a small heating or air conditioning unit to the space to manage the temperature. 

4.   Rent equipment.

If you do not have a garden shed on your property already, you will likely want to prep a place in your yard to have one. The best way to do this is to rent equipment to dig up dirt and create a space to build your shed. Smartcast Equipment is a great place to check out for rental equipment.  

5.   Paint and decorate. 

After you have added drywall, insulation, or built the shed from scratch, you can then prepare to paint the interior and exterior and plan out your decor. Adding a fresh coat of paint inside and outside will spruce up the place a great deal. Add some decor that goes along with the theme of the space. For example, if you have created a yoga retreat, add a yoga mat, meditation cushion, towels, blocks, straps, and other tools that you may need while practicing yoga. 

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