Tuesday, September 26, 2017

5 Steps to Preparing for a Large Excavation Job

As part of the various processes in buildings and constructions, excavation is a very important job. While some excavation jobs can be very easy since it is just small work, some are so large that it requires necessary preparation before excavating. Failure to make the right preparations can lead to various consequences, and these consequences can be very grave in nature. Hence, proper execution of the preparation process must be observed.

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While there could be many different preparations needed for various excavation works for different companies, here are some of the most common steps they usually take:

1. Secure All Permits Necessary

Before doing any construction work in general and excavation work in particular, various permits must be secured first. The number and nature of these permits may vary according to the place you do the work, but there are some common ones like building permits, clearance from city planning office, and environmental permits. Special permits may be required for areas with historical protection and other special locations.

2. Round Up All Equipment Needed

Make sure you have all the necessary equipment and utility needed for your excavation, and if not, you need to arrange how to source them out. For example, you may rent an excavator from Tahoma if you are working in the place or near it. You may also rent other equipment needed, not just big ones.

3. Ensure That You Know What’s Under The Earth

Excavation as a process can come across various things. Make sure that you know and understand what you are digging. You can’t assume that it is all rocks down there or that there will be no water and other elements. Do a site survey first to avoid unnecessary surprise, so you can also bring the necessary equipment you need to get the job done.

4. Coordinate With Your Team

Workmates like site developers and engineers needed to be coordinated well to make sure that you are doing the job right. The plan must be laid down to every personnel concerned to avoid delays caused by miscommunication. The lack of proper coordination may result in delays in the project completion, wrong deployment of manpower, and even considerable damage to the whole project.

5. Dispose of Solid Waste Materials Properly

Before doing any excavation work, you must create a plan of action on how to deal with solid waste materials that will be quarried from the site. Recycle what can be recycled, while arranging how dirt and mud will be disposed and where. As well, plan for out for plants, grass, and timbers that will be uprooted during the course of the excavation.

Lack of proper preparation before an excavation work has led not only to delays of construction work in the past but also to some accidents. Spare yourself from problems by planning out the process from start to end. As well, make sure you are hiring skilled people and using high quality materials and equipment for the job.

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