Monday, August 20, 2018

First Ninang Duties Experience

Two weeks ago, I had my first ever ninang duties to Matthew's first yaya.

I was hesitant at first because I felt that I was too young to be a principal sponsor in a wedding, haha. In denial ba? Hehe. But my little boy reminded me that it's okay since she (the first yaya) was the first one who helped us took care of him when he was just 2-month old. 

His exact word was "Bakit Mommy, okay lang naman po yun kasi sya naman nagpalaki sa akin e."

I was speechless hearing that. I was complaining kasi to Daddy A because I couldn't find a dress. He's in the back seat and I thought he was just sleeping. When he said that tagos sa puso... Oo nga naman, we have utang na loob to her. For two years, he helped us taking care of Matthew. She just left us because he had to go abroad and if only we can afford her salary abroad we will not let her go.

Anyway, my heart is full because for an 8-year old to say that, I maybe doing a good job raising him. At an early age, he knows how to be grateful.

Back to the ninang duties na. Here's me with Daddy A. 

He helped me with my make up and he also fixed my hair. Yeah, seriously. Kuripot mode kasi namamahalan ako sa pa-make up e, haha. But I look simply good naman hindi ba?

Matthew was the bible bearer naman.

We arrived a little early so we are able to took some photos.

Everyone was telling me that my dress was beautiful. I rented it at 600 pesos only.

Oh my little boy grows so fast, why oh why?

Of course, there's a procession (is that how it's called) to the altar. Here's me with another ninong.

And my little boy with a flower girl.

Honestly, I am not fond of attending weddings. The last wedding I attended was our wedding 10 years ago. Which made me think if it  was just a coincidence that after our 10th year, I will have my first ninang duties?

All the memories of our wedding flashed in. It's like we are renewing our vows. Feeling ko we are the ones in front of the altar e. Haha!

It was a great experience although I feel awkward when a lady who's like a lola to me na called me mare, haha. No offence meant po.

Here are some of the photos by our official photographer, Daddy A. Me with the newly weds and the ninangs and ninongs.

And Matthew with the flowers girls and boys.

Again, I never thought I will enjoy this day but I did. I like that I had a  break with my daily routine and dress up and wear make up. But even if I enjoyed this day, no second ninang duties muna soon, haha.

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