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Five Unique Gifts that are Perfect for a Baby Shower

Baby showers are fun events and I always find it super-exciting to be invited to one. However, choosing a gift isn't as easy and simple as with other occasions. The purpose of a baby shower is to give the soon-to-be parents things that they will need once the little bundle arrives.

The best baby shower gift is something that the parents can, and will actually, use. Baby clothes can be cute but won't amount to anything after just a few weeks of wear. That bath basket can be helpful, but don't be surprised if almost everyone on the guest list has brought them.

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To make sure that your gift won't go to waste, find something that is practical yet uncommon. You don't want the parents to be inundated with gifts that will just gather dust or worse, be thrown away after a few weeks. Here are five baby shower gifts that are unique, as well as useful.

1. Changing Mat

A changing mat is an essential part of having a newborn, and a portable changing mat can make the new parents' lives easier. More so if you give one that also has pockets for diapers, creams, phones, or even your keys.

To make the gift unique, get a changing mat that also doubles as a diaper bag. Make sure it is sturdy enough to carry all that the parents need when traveling with their baby. They'll surely thank you for it.

2. Nail Trimmer

Cutting the newborn's nails can be pretty scary, especially if this is their first baby. It's a nail-biting experience but not as hard as you think. According to, it's important to keep the baby's nails short and once you get the hang of it, it's fairly simple.

Give the parents a nail trimmer designed specifically for newborns. There are clippers that use electricity and there are some that come with files and LED lights and all those bells and whistles. Truly a unique gift.

3. Soothing Sound Gadgets

It is a given that new parents will lose sleep for the next couple of months,  even years, for that matter. Help them get some much-needed rest by giving them something to make the baby sleep through the night, and a soothing sound machine will do just the trick!

These gadgets emit sounds or lullabies that will help the baby relax. They will feel comfy, safe, and ready for a good night's sleep, and the parents can get some much needed rest themselves.

4. Baby Photo-shoot Sessions

If you want a gift that keeps on giving, why not give them a gift card for a professional photo session for the baby? This unique gift will keep all the memories well and alive for years to come. Even the baby will get to enjoy seeing these photos when they grow up.

5. Custom Baby Diaper Cakes

Functionality and cuteness come together in this unique gift— a custom baby diaper cake. No, it's not something you'll eat at the baby shower; it's a cake made of diapers. Layer upon layer of diapers that come in a cake-like arrangement.
unique gifts, gifts, baby shower, diaper cakes, gift ideas, Baby,

These custom diaper cakes can be customized to any color or theme along with extra goodies that are really helpful for the expecting parents. If you want a unique gift, this is what you're looking for.

Wrapping Up

Shopping for a baby shower need not be a challenge. It can be a wonderful experience especially when you see that the parents appreciate your gift. With this list, you can get a gift that is both useful and memorable, making the event more enjoyable for the parents.

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