Thursday, August 16, 2018

Our 10th Wedding Anniversary

Last month marked our 10th year as husband and wife, and our 15th year as lovers, haha.

We have no plans of any fancy celebration. For us kasi, everyday should be a celebration. It's enough that we have each other through all these years. Naks!

Anyway, Daddy A surprised me with this bouquet of flowers early in the morning.

Honestly, I am not comfortable receiving flowers because nasasayangan ako. You know flowers are expensive. Hehe.

But since Daddy A made an effort to surprise me, sige na nga I love flowers na lalo na may cake pang kasama.

Then before we went to work, picture muna with my mahal, Daddy A.

Also with my sweetie pie, Matthew Andrei.

And off to work I thought the surprise is over. But while I was sitting pretty on the passenger seat, he gave me this cute pink box.

I thought it was a necklace but it was a ring.

I was surprised and the first word I said, "Magkano?" Haha. Umiral ang pagiging kuripot. When he said the price, I asked him why he bought it because for me it's very expensive. He said, it's our 10th year and I deserve it. Sweet!

I am not a materialistic person. I am a realistic and practical person. I don't like buying expensive things because they are just things. Gets? Hehe.

So sabi ko nga we have no plans of any bonggang celebration that day because we have work. But we had dinner at our home sweet home. All prepared by Daddy A because Matthew and I were reviewing for his examination the next day. Another reason why we opted not to go out that night.

Come Sunday, after hearing a mass we eat lunch out.

Oh I almost forgot, Daddy also bought me a new phone. Check out his review on the new Samsung A6+.

So thankful for our 10 years of marriage. It is not always easy, but we always chose to be thankful, grateful and happy. There are hardships but we are blessed in so many ways. We are blessed with a son.

I may never have a daughter or another child, but he will always be enough to complete our happiness. He's my shopping and eating buddy.

And to my mahal, Daddy A, I love you and I will forever be by your side no matter what. Cheers to our 10 years and to our forever.
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