Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Tips on Creating Your Dream Wedding Cards & More On a Budget

Last month, we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. It was just a simple celebration because of our very busy schedule. Then just this month I had my first ever ninang experience as a wedding sponsor.

It's all about weddings, which makes me reminisce our own wedding 10 years ago wherein Daddy A and I personally took care of everything from wedding invitations to the wedding dresses. Here's our wedding invitation that I personally designed.

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We chose to have all be personalized so we can save on our wedding expenses and of course to follow our dream wedding. So imagine that was 10 years ago, and how much now it cost to get married and have your dream wedding.

But no worries because you can have your dream wedding without spending too much. Here are some tips:

Plan your wedding

First, you need to plan your wedding. Plan the date, your preferred venue, number of guests, food to serve, honeymoon and other wedding needs. From this, you can have an estimate how your dream wedding will cost.

Start saving

You can start to save after planning your wedding or you can start first by saving for your wedding. Better to save than go into debt for your wedding. Begin by putting aside a regular amount of cash every month and it will grow as months to your wedding come.

Set a budget

Even if you have savings, you need to set a budget for your wedding and stick with it. You don't want to start your marriage life with zero bank account right?

Do It Your Self

You can definitely save with do it your self wedding. You can do create your wedding souvenir, personalized your wedding candle, bible and others. You can also design or customize your wedding invitation. Today, there are so many wedding websites where you can find the best wedding invitation cards.

One of the mobile friendly and easy to use wedding websites is the Basic Invite. They have free wedding invites that are completely customizable. You can choose from their 180 custom colors and can also choose a design to match your wedding invitation suite. All you need to do is upload your wedding details with photos that you can order as a printed sample so you can see how it actually look as well as the paper quality. You can also add a direction map for your guest.

Basic Invite has 900 wedding invitation sets that include everything from save the dates to wedding invitations and enclosure cards, wedding menus, wedding programs and also thank you cards. 

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There are over 40 different colors of peel and seal envelopes you can choose from for your wedding invitations. Also available are the Seal and Send Wedding Invitations, which are all-in-one wedding invitation with a tear-off RSVP postcard. You can choose from over 30 designs including their popular foil options. Seal and Sends doesn't need any envelope because the guest's addresses are printed on front of each invitation. You just need to share a link, collect the guest addresses, upload them onto the chose design and secure them with die cut stickers. Easy, time saving right?

You can follow @basicinvite on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter for updates.

Be your own wedding coordinator

Hiring a wedding coordinator is expensive so instead of hiring one, be your own wedding coordinator. That is if you have time that's why you really need to plan your wedding.

Find cheap but quality suppliers

Look for suppliers of cheap but quality wedding needs. You go to wholesale place like Divisoria where you can find really cheap wedding supplies especially if you will buy in bulk.

Buy personally

If you have time, you can buy your wedding needs personally. This way you can negotiate with suppliers as well.

Those are just some tips on how to have your dream wedding on a budget. I bet you still have other saving tips, please do share with us.
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