Friday, September 28, 2018

3 Benefits to Using a Sewing Machine Instead of Sewing by Hand

It doesnt matter if it is a hand machine, an electrical or a computerized one, there are many benefits that sewing machines have over sewing by hand. Read below to see the top three:

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Sewing machines are faster and safer

Sewing by hand requires you to be extra careful to avoid poking your fingers with the needle. With a sewing machine, the needle is usually secured guaranteeing your safety. Although you can still get hurt if you mishandle the machine, practice safety while using it and avoid putting your fingers near the needle.

Using a sewing machine is also faster when compared to sewing by hand and you are more likely to get tired faster when sewing by hand and this may slow down the process. Although the mechanical, electric and computerized sewing machines are fast, the computerized ones are faster and completing a particular task over a short period means you get less tired. While you may find an electronic or computerized one expensive, you can still rely on a mechanical one which will be better than sewing by hands.

They are more convenient

You may get a hard time sewing thick fabric like twill by hand than it is using a sewing machine. By making a few adjustments, you can conveniently sew any type of fabric that may be difficult to sew by hand. This is made possible by the power sewing machines have, from the mechanical, to electric and computerized, with the latter having the most power and the mechanical ones having the least.

Most computerized sewing machines have different features that enable the machine to automatically thread, wind or cut. These features make it easy to sew, and you can also disable these functions if you want to do them manually. Onboard guides and controls make sewing easier because they give you total control over the machine. You can check out for the best sewing machine reviews.

They are more efficient

Using a sewing machine is by far more efficient than sewing by hand in many ways. Sewing machine stitches are more secure than hand stitches as they have double thread strands which are less likely to be torn apart easily. Sewing machines, especially the computerized ones can also be easily manipulated to achieve a variety of stitches, from different stitch combinations to different letters.

Also, some of them can be easily adjusted if you want invisible hems. With some of the computerized sewing machines, the needle is easily adjustable to any position of your choice allowing you to make even more decorative stitches easily. They can effortlessly perform some of the most difficult and professional sewing tasks, resulting in high-quality end products.

Wrap up

Using a sewing machine has multiple advantages over sewing by hand, most of which aim convenience, speed, efficiency, and safety, etc. A major downside of sewing machines may be that they are expensive but being a one-time investment with all the convenience makes it worth spending on.
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