Saturday, September 8, 2018

Momaye Baon Diary: Week 6

Hi Momshies, Ready for the week 6 of Momaye Baon Diary? (Read also: Momaye Baon Diary: Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4, Week 5).

Here are simple baon ideas to school and to your work.

Day 26
 snack - pancit canton, siomai, banana fries + #dutchmill yogurt drink
lunch - rice, pork menudo + apple slices

Day 27
 #nack - toasted ham cheese sandwich + #dutchmill yogurt drink
lunch - rice, corned beef and egg + pomelo

Day 28
 snack - popcorn, bread sticks with strawberry jam + #yakult
lunch - rice, steak with buttered veggies + grapes

Day 29
 snack - toasted spam-cheese-cucumber sandwich + #minutemade orange drink
lunch - rice, tortang talong, spam + dalandan

Day 30
snack - french toast, ferrero rocher chocs + #dutchmill yogurt milk
lunch - rice, bistek + apple slices

That's it. Please stay tune for another week of Momaye Baon Diary. Also, please follow up on Instagram: @momayebaondiary
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