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How to Select the Right Paint for Your Home

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Whether you have just moved into a new residence or have decided that your current one needs some loving remodeling, chances are that the first thing you will think about will be color choices. Choosing the right paint is one of the biggest and most impactful decisions you can make, regarding both exterior and interior design.

So, naturally, making the actual choice can be a bit of a headache. Your best bet is to go back to the basics. Take a look at the color wheel, which you can learn more about at this link. Not only will it give you a nice visual representation of how different colors go together, it is also a nice starting point for figuring out shades and gradients.

The most important thing to keep in mind is the effect you are aiming to achieve. Here are some tips to help figure it out!

Making your space vibrant and energetic

This is maybe an unusual choice for most homeowners, especially when considering the exterior paint. After all, you do not see many houses or apartment complexes painted orange or red, do you? These kinds of colors are somewhat intense and put more constraints on choosing things like furniture and decorations.

However, they can really add spice to a home, and even help you “get into the zone” when applied to rooms with a specific purpose, such as a home gym. Moreover, they offer some interesting opportunities for playing with shades. On that account, you may want to recruit the help of an expert, such as the Tulsa OK painters crew to do the job for you.

What makes for a vibrant paint color? These are, by default, red and orange, but also deep purples, gold, bronze, and copper. Think about the hues you would see on an Oriental carpet, for example. If the size of your available space will allow for it, you can even throw in some black as a dramatic supporting color.

Creating a calming home atmosphere

Making the home look subtle and soothing is a go-to in the hectic modern world, especially for those homeowners who are more inclined towards the minimalist look.

The most effective approach here is the monochromatic, in other words, using a gradient of a single color. Blue, green, beige, lavender, pink, buttery yellow, and peach are some of the most popular choices, along with various marbles and creams. Choose one or two and then play with the lighter and darker, see how they overlap for various effects.

For example, add a light trim to a dark wall, or the other way around. Paint your furniture in darker, richer shades, and then balance them out with bedding, curtains, towels etc. in lighter, more gentle variants.

Also remember to experiment with different textures. Monochromatic spaces can sometimes feel a little bland or uninspired, so look for different materials and patterns in your chosen color to liven the rooms up a bit. You can read more about the importance of smart texture choice at this page:

home, home improvement, home beautification, home and living, house paint,

Getting the chic and elegant look

The key watchword for attaining this effect is flexibility. You need to have a color scheme that will work well as a base, and with which you can switch the decorations, centerpieces etc. to match any given occasion and purpose.

The best option to go for here are neutral colors. Now, by default, these would be white and beige, and they are indeed very clear and universal. But you have other choices too! Some hues that are growing in popularity recently are almond, garnet, mahogany, and red-toned browns, such as rust or over-ripe cherry. These feel rich and “earthy”. Just remember the interplay of shades – the lighter your walls, the larger your space will appear to be, which is not always the best thing.

Use sparing but intensely colored décor to offset the overwhelming neutrality. Pick one or two accent colors and three to four textures that will blend nicely into your theme, and then look for decorations that have them. For a classy and elegant feeling to your home, some staples to consider are vases, throw pillows, statuettes, and interestingly shaped light fixtures.

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