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Turning a Photo into an Oil Painting as Memory Reviving

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Have you ever wondered how a single photo has so many ways to bring you back in time and to refresh your long forgotten memories? It's just incredible that something seems so trivial, yet has the power to invoke earlier feelings and to bring back some of the most beautiful moments.

The power of the photo is not accidental. Only it can "freeze the time" and make that moment eternal. Nevertheless, a modern time has brought some new habits, so images and shoots in digital form replaced photo paper. But their significance has remained the same; only the way of keeping memories and their availability to others changed.

Before discovering a camera, memories were kept in the form of paintings. They were hard to make, and therefore, they had far higher emotional value than today. Nowadays, it's possible to do the same thing as centuries ago; you just don't have to sit for hours or reconstruct an event from the past.

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Artists who will turn photos into high-quality oil painting will just ask for a single photography. They'll do everything from the blank, so in a couple of days, or hours, you'll have your own, unique piece of art, as an unusual gift for your loved ones or a valuable memory to decorate your house.

You Can Choose Any Style You Want

Depending on your taste and sense for art, or to whom you want to dedicate the painting, you can ask the artist to create it in any painting technique. Of course, do not expect it to be a new artistic miracle but rest assured it will be something unusual.

The 1st Art Gallery photo service suggests you be creative, and to bring the new life to your photos with some extraordinary painting techniques. From realism to impressionism, to those extravagant movements like cubism and modernism - the final outcome will depend only on your imagination.
However, if you want to maintain the beauty of the photo in its original form, it is best to emphasize that to the artist in charge of making the painting. Sometimes, the simplest thing happens to be the best option.

There is also an option to give the artist the freedom to change, remove or add some detail in your painting. Most often, in the case of old photos, the artist will add colors to make a picture "alive." You can even remove someone from a photo if you think they don't belong to your dearest memories anymore.

What Kind of Photos Can You Turn to Oil Paintings

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The artists who create these paintings are so skilled that they can turn everything you imagined into a piece of art - from portraits, wedding photographs, to landscape pictures and group photos. Why memories on photo paper are so important to us read on this page.

Here we must say that the cost of production, apart from the size of the canvas, depends on how many people are in the photo. You assume that the toughest part is to paint a human, its mimic and facial expressions. It shouldn't surprise you that the price varies depending on the number of figures in the photo.

You can process some digital images by yourself in photo editing programs. It can be fun to experiment with filters, shadings, and other tools in some of the many applications to see how it would eventually look like in the end. Then mail the photo to an artist, and wait for them to do their magic.

Think of the Size

It is desirable to order painting as a gift on bigger surfaces. On a smaller canvas, the artist doesn't have much opportunity to faithfully display every detail of your photo, especially if this is a group photo. On a large canvas, there are much more possibilities, although it’s a bit difficult for maintaining. An artist has a space for artistic manipulation, and they can faithfully represent the real beauty of the photo. It may cost more, but the quality of production will be better.

Many websites offer ordering of some already existing templates, but also additional services such as framing or putting protective glass. The choice is wide, but for whatever you decide, you will know that you give something unique and unusual to someone you love.
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