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Life with An ADHD Child

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Living with ADHD can be both overwhelming and frustrating for the child as well as the parent. However, as the adult parent, there is much you can do when it comes to assisting with reducing and controlling the symptoms. You can assist your child with overcoming the challenges they will face on a daily basis, channel their energy into positive things, and bring a greater sense of calm to your entire family. The more consistently and earlier you address the issues, the greater chance your child will have to be successful in dealing with them.


The first step to dealing with ADHD will typically be medication, such as Adderall, that will have to be prescribed by your child’s pediatrician. Be sure that you follow all dosing instructions because medications of this type can be addictive and you never want to place your child in the position of having to deal with symptoms of Adderall withdrawal. With the proper medication though, the symptoms of ADHD can be greatly reduced.

Make a Schedule and Stick to It

Children who suffer from this malady will be more likely to succeed at completing their tasks when these tasks happen in patterns and places that are predictable. For example, Michael Phelps suffers from ADHD, but he became a famous successful swimmer due to his diligence to his tasks and scheduled routine. Your role as a parent is to first create and then sustain structure in the home so that your child knows exactly what to expect and what they need to do.

Follow a Routine. 

It is critical to set a place and time for literally everything in order to assist the ADHD child both with understanding and meeting your expectations. You should establish predictable and simple rituals for bed, play, homework, and meals. Have the child lay out what they will wear the next day before they go to bed and be sure that whatever they will need for school is always in a set place and ready to grab on the way out the door in the mornings.

Use Timers and Clocks.

Think about putting clocks all through your home, and a large one in the room your child sleeps in. Allow them enough time for whatever they need to do, such as getting ready for school in the morning or doing their homework. Use your timers for transitional times like the time between finishing playing, putting things away, and getting ready for bed.

Green Time

Research has shown that kids with ADHD can greatly benefit from time they spend in nature. The symptoms of ADHD are greatly reduced when they can play in a park that is full of trees and grass…much more so than when they play on a concrete playground. This is well worth taking note of. Even in large cities, most people still have access to public parks or other natural settings. You can join your child with this green time and get a much-deserved time to relax yourself in the process.

Don’t despair if your child is diagnosed with ADHD. You can deal with it and so can they. It just takes some careful planning and structure along with a bit of dedication.
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