Friday, August 7, 2020

Preparing for Online Schooling at Home

Because August 24 is fast approaching, we are already preparing for our son's online schooling set-up. Let me share how we are preparing for online schooling at home.

First, since both of us are working outside home, we are training our son to study independently. I downloaded free workbooks at
Preparing for Online Schooling at Home
At first I just saved it at my son's iPad but I think it didn't help that it was on a gadget. He didn't like to answer the workshop and put the answers in a separate notebook. And I am also having hardtime checking the answers. So I just printed lessons per day. We have been doing this for more than a month now and he's getting used to it na. Ngayon nga he's doing advance study pa so gabi palang hinihingi na nya sa akin yun lessons for the next day. Ireview na daw nya or he will ask help from me and his dad for those lessons he didn't understand, especially sa Mathematics.

Then we enrolled him na. We got his books. Five subjects lang daw muna, Science, Filipino, Mathematics, English and Sibika. As per his school, they will do blended learning: online + module (books). They also told us that they will be using a software hooked to the books publication so teachers don'e need to make modules. That's great, however, we are just sad that most of our son's classmates are transferring to public schools.

I understand naman that everyone is really affected because of this pandemic, especially financially. We are not exempted too because our company reduced our work days and we are forced to file leaves. Syempre ang leave nauubos so our income is also reduced. Good thing is that we are saving a certain amount every month for his tuition fee. What we are doing is advance savings na like now what we are saving is for next school year na. Which means, for this school year, last year pa kami nagstart that is 12 months ago from the payment month, usually April or May.

That's why advance saving is a big help e. Will share how we do it in a separate post. Iba kasi kung may savings ka na atleast 6 months of your salary but some says atleast 6 months of your expenses. Hindi ka masyado mag-aalala in difficult times like this.

Going back to our preparation, we also fixed his study place. We have a small office table but he said he needs a bigger one. Syempre we want him to be comfortable so I asked Daddy A to look for a bigger study table. Luckily we found one at SM Home.
He also asked us to buy a computer chair since we don't have one at home. Again, to make him feel comfortable we looked for a computer chair. Ang mahal sa SM Home, but I was lucky to find an online seller who sells it for a cheaper price.

Preparing for Online Schooling at Home

So that's his study and also gaming place at home. We have extra laptop and he has iPad and mobile phone naman so we don't need to buy a new one for now. I will share the details in my next post.

How are you preparing your kids and home for online schooling?

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