Monday, August 17, 2020

We are Ready for Online Schooling


We are Ready for Online Schooling

From August 24, school opening was moved to October 05. That's for public school but for those private schools who are ready, DepEd gave them signal to start schooling. 

With that, my son's school will start on September 7 and yesterday, we had the connectivity test.

So far okay naman the connection. I can say that we are almost ready for this online schooling. If you read my Preparing for Online Schooling at Home post, we already bought a table and a chair. Like what I have said there, we had an office table at home but it is small daw. So we purchased this Yori Noji Office Desk from SM Home for ₱2,795.00, less 10% if you have SM Advantage Card or BDO Rewards Card.

Yori Noji Office Desk from SM Home

Sulit na din this table because it's spacious with  measurements of L 84 x W 45.5 x 142 cm.

Yori Noji Office Desk from SM Home

There are shelves where you can put their books, notebooks, pens and other school essentials they need while doing the online class. No need for additional trays na and it's easier to reach out whenever they need it.

Yori Noji Office Desk from SM Home

Next naman is this computer chair I bought from an online seller at 1,900 pesos. Sa SM Home it's around 5,995 pesos kasi so I opted to look for a cheaper one but as good quality naman.

computer chair

Oh di ba thats 4,000+ of savings?

Then, we also bought this Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360°.

This is for us to monitor our son's online schooling even if we are away from home. Daddy A put it just over the table where we can see the view of our living  and dining room, and a little of our kitchen.

Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360°

Pwede mo din i-zoom in to see what our son is doing on his laptop.

You can buy this Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360° at Xiaomi Official Store at Shopee for 1690 pesos. You can use your Shopee coins and get 10% cash back.

Lastly, narealize namin, we should also buy a pair of headphone. Good thing there's Shopee kaya no need mag-mall. Daddy A bought this ONIKUMA K1 Gaming HeadSet for around 700 pesos. 

ONIKUMA K1 Gaming HeadSet

It has microphone also. Our son was so excited kasi pang-gaming din sya e. Lagot na.

So here's my son's study area. Praying we will get through this year's online class.

I am pretty sure of that because our son is always studious naman. Look!

That's how ready we are. How about you monshs, ready na din for this year's online class?

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