Thursday, August 13, 2020

How Spreading Kindness Is Good for You

How Spreading Kindness Is Good for You

For most people, being able to help someone makes you feel good. The act of showing kindness to another person sets off the reward system in your brain which tells you that whenever you do a certain thing, you will get a reward. Showing kindness towards others and yourself helps to meet your psychological needs as well. Everyone needs to hold within themselves the belief that they belong and are able to relate to those around them in order to be healthy and happy. Here are three ways that show how spreading kindness is good for you.

Reduces Anxiety and Fear

When oxytocin and serotonin, the “happy chemicals,” are released in your brain, it can increase your levels of trust for other people. When this happens, fear and anxiety are also typically reduced. Boosting your self-esteem and sense of satisfaction is a wonderful way to be brave and vulnerable by connecting with another human.

Promotes Longevity

Prosocial behavior, or the intent to help other people, has been found to increase a person's well-being over the course of their life. Among older adults, it has been studied that volunteering not only improves their quality of life, but that it also supports a longer one.

Increases Mood & Peer Acceptance

Kindness creates more happiness within. Something that researchers discovered is that people not only report feeling happier when they are kind to close friends and family, but that even witnessing another person display an act of wholesale kindness as well as when you are kind to yourself, can make you happier, too.

Whenever you feel the inclination to extend an act of kindness, why not do it? Not only will you make someone's day better and help them feel better about themselves, but it will also likely make you feel better. Choose kindness and spread love today and every day!

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