Wednesday, August 19, 2020

"Baby hate kita dati, pero love na kita ngayon..."

Brother's love

That's the exact words that came out from the mouth of my 10-year old boy one night when he kissed my baby bump good night.

"Baby hate kita dati, pero love na kita ngayon..."

For awhile I was out of words to say. Then, I talked to him and asked him why.

Me: Bakit mo naman nasabi yun anak?

Matt: Kasi may napanuod ako nung nagkaroon ng bagong baby, lahat ng love ng parents nya sa kanya na napunta. Wala na silang time para sa kanya puro sa baby na lang.

Me: No, anak. Hindi ganun yun. Yung pagmamahal namin syo ganun pa din yun kahit andito na si baby. Saka syempre si baby hindi pa nya kaya ang sarili nya, natural lang na mas mabibigyan sya ng attention ng mommy. Pero mahal namin kayo pareho. Yun ang isipin mo anak ha...

And I hold his hands until he fell asleep.

If you haven't read yet, we are having baby #2 after 10 years. We have been praying for God's will if He will still bless us with another baby then will gladly accept it. Yun lang, hindi namin inaasahan ngayong panahon pa ng pandemia nya kami ibe-bless. No matter what this is a big blessing for us. So we are very thankful.

However, for our son this is not a good news. Yes, the first time he heard it, he's not happy with it. Nagkataon pa na nasa malayo sya that time na na-confirm namin. Tapos syempre sasabihan pa sya nang "magkakababy na ulit, hindi ka na baby ng mommy at daddy mo," and so on. 

So he hated me for awhile and he doesn't want to talk to us. Kaya noong sinundo namin sya we talked to him. We gave him assurance that we will love him and love him even more kahit my new baby na. 

We made him we love him and we appreciate him. Later on, hinahawakan nya na yun tummy ko. He will kiss it and talk to baby #2. When he first saw the baby sa ultrasound and I saw that smile on his face, I knew na-accept na nya na magkakaroon na sya ng kapatid. And I'm the happiest.

He always make our milk.

He will also remind me to take my vitamins before I sleep. Madalas na nya kinakausap si baby at lagi nya sinasabing "I love you baby, si Kuya ito."

Assurance, appreciation, love. Yun siguro yung pwede nating ibigay sa mga anak natin lalo na yung mga batang nagkakaroon ng insecurities sa pagkakaroon ng bagong baby sa family. We have to understand, especially for those kids who have been just alone for years, they are used to get all the love and attention. Don't expect them to accept it right away. Let them have space and time to think. Let them take a part in taking care of the you and the new baby in the your tummy.

Sabi ko nga sa kanya, he's so lucky to have a sibling. Not all have one.

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