Tuesday, August 4, 2020

3 Things You Need When You Own a Horse

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Owning a horse is a long-term commitment because the regal animals live up to 30 years. When taking on the responsibility and care of another living being, you need to provide shelter, food, and equipment to keep them healthy and safe. Here are three of those essential care items.

1. Shelter

Even though horses are big animals, they are sensitive to heat, cold, and varying weather conditions. With fragile legs, the equines must also be protected from muddy conditions that would cause them to become stuck in quagmire or slip and fall. Providing a secure shelter that is at least 12’ x 12’ is ideal, and placing slip-resistant mats on the floor that can easily be cleaned can protect legs and feet.

2. Insurance

Horse insurance can protect the life of your animal, but there are other types of insurance policies available to you, as well. You can choose from horse medical insurance, liability coverage, and loss of use plans. Whether you purchase the animal to be a family pet, a show horse, or a working animal, you should consider locating an insurance policy to protect the beast.

3. Pasture

Horses love to rub their skin against available objects when they have an itch. That is why it is essential to provide a pasture that is free of things that could hurt them. The area should be large enough for the animal to run, but secure enough to stand up to a horse that leans against the fencing. Make sure there are no toxic or dangerous plants in the pasture and move your horse between areas to ensure ample grazing.

Although a horse can be a lot of work, those that love their four-legged friends can develop a deep bond with them. If you decide to adopt an equine, make sure you provide them with these necessities to ensure their long lives.

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