Tuesday, September 7, 2021

All Saint's and All Soul's Days During the Pandemic


The "Ber" months have already started and Christmas Season is already on its way. But before this most awaited season of the year, there are still two holidays on the list.

Roughly two months to go and it is already All Saints Day and All Souls Day – November 1 and 2, respectively. This is declared a National and Special holidays here in the Philippines.

The said holidays are just some of the most awaited by many especially those working in the metro. For them, this an opportunity to spent few days with their families in their home town.

On November 1 and 2, many will visit the grave and offer flowers, lit candles, and pray for the souls of their loved ones. This is also the time for many to have a simple reunion.

Speaking of flowers, many brought flower arrangements made from freshly picked flowers in their gardens while others buy a ready-made bouquet in flower shops.

Unfortunately, last year, this tradition was temporarily stopped because of the pandemic. The cemetery was put closed and visits are not allowed. In other places, the cemetery was open a week before All Saints Day. The local government issued a specific day or schedule of visits per barangay to give people chance to visit their loved ones.

Flowers are still allowed during the visit but buying flowers from shops may be difficult due to long queues of buyers. This is because of the implementation of different health protocols like limits in the number of individuals inside the store and social distancing.
There are also flower shops that offer flower arrangement deliveries but advance orders and no walk-ins may be implemented. Hopefully, like in New York City, some shops are offering amazing flowers delivered same day in NYC. By having the said shops, many will have an opportunity to get the flowers even on November 1 or 2.

There will be a big possible that what have been implemented last year will be imposed again this year. Many will opt not to visit the grave of their loved ones because of the existing health hazards. Just like us, we will not be able to go to our hometown. We just offered a prayer and lit a candle in our home.

I hope that the pandemic will already end and everything will return to normal.

Stay Safe Everyone.
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