Monday, September 6, 2021

Simple Home Workout Tips

During the implementation of Community Quarantines, Enhanced and Modified Enhanced, there are several establishments that were put on close like restaurants, saloon and spas, malls, and even the gym.

Furthermore, majority gained weight during the quarantine periods. Even those who are considered themselves athletic and gym buffs admitted that they slightly increased when hitting the weighing scale.

Because of this, many continue their workouts in their own home. But what are the things that we need to prepare before doing home workouts?

Here are some tips to start your home work out activities.

There is no specific place recommended to do exercise. This can be done bedroom, living room, garage, balcony, rooftop (if there is), etc. As long as you feel free to move and comfortable in the place you picked.

Doing the routine exercise or workout at home does not mean that you need to buy the same equipment you used in the gym. You can have improvised or use other materials that you can see around the house.

For example, you can use gallons filled with water as weights. You can also use stools or chairs to do the bench press or chair push ups.

You can use the same clothing you are wearing when going to the gym like your favorite bombshell sexy workout tops, sports bras, and sports shoes.

You can also opt to wear the usual house clothes if you feel more comfortable with it.

Workout Buddy
Attending the gym usually have a gym buddy. You can do this at home too. Aside from your hubby or wifey, you can also ask your kids to be your new gym buddy. With this, they will be aware of their physical fitness at an early age.

You can also ask your pet, if you have one, to accompany you during your routine.

Of course before going to your workout routine, don’t forget to bring the usual necessities like water, towel, music, and others.

Continuing workout activities does not mean you need to have the same equipment in the gym, you need to be resourceful and observe the things around you.

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