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Types of Talent That Are Sure to Shake Up Any Party

Types of Talent That Are Sure to Shake Up Any Party
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Every party needs some entertainment to keep the crowd going and having fun.  Unfortunately, if you don't plan, you could end up with entertainment that's sadly one-note.  It's okay to shake things up and have fun, though!  If you want to surprise others and aren't afraid to get a little strange: these are the best talent-based performances to surprise any crowd.

Drag Queens

Drag queens have been in popular media for almost sixty years: and they're not going anywhere!  These performers with larger-than-life personalities are sure to raise the spirits at any event they perform at.  Talk to them ahead of time and find out if they are more into mingling and having fun with guests or if they'd be willing to do a musical performance.  Every drag performer is different, so talk to them before hiring them to make sure they suit what you need.

Celebrity Impersonators

Like drag queens, celebrity impersonators can bring life into a party!  You can even find performers who are drag celebrity impersonators! So whether you want Marilyn Monroe to sing happy birthday to your husband or your mom wants Elvis at her birthday party, you can find impersonators for nearly any celebrity in every major city.

Belly Dancers

If you’re considering looking at belly dancers for hire: you're creating a party people are going to remember for life!  Whether they're cultural or entertainment-only dancers, these performers use their bodies and music to entrance partygoers and raise spirits.  If you want them to perform a specific piece or do particular dances, it's important to contact them ahead of time and ask what they're willing to do!

Acrobats and Contortionists

Although these are two very different performers, they’re being listed together because they both wow and amaze crowds with the severe training and work they’ve put their bodies through.  Acrobats are awesome because they can move through the air and on land like fish in water, and contortionists will bend your perception of what the human body can do!  These performers work hard at their craft and would shock and amaze any partygoers you invited.


Although illusionists are often confused with magicians, they have very different places in the industry.  An illusionist can use sleight of hand to trick and surprise guests while inspiring their imagination and getting their hearts racing.  Every illusionist is different, specializing in anything from modern illusions to more classic magic and performances.

Regardless of what type of performer you hire, going off the beaten path is a lot of fun!  Try to start looking for acts as early as possible so you can make sure that the performer you want is still available when your party happens.  If you're not sure how the party will receive them, make sure for the performer's safety that you announce that they'll be there.  A negative reaction to a drag queen or a belly dancer can be tragic for everyone involved.

Above all: have fun at your party!  Find talent that can excite your guests and get them talking about this event for years to come.

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