Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Candle or Mirror

Oh my sorry! I almost forgot to post an inspirational quote for us. As usual, I am busy and getting busier each day. I know being busy means good for me, for my family and for our small business. I am happy to know there are more and more people are trusting me. I will definitely give you the best service I can. Though there a one or two customers whom I have encountered a little problem with. At the back of my mind, this business will never be good without hard to deal with customers. Right?

So here's our Daily Inspiration for today.


Which makes me think, am I the candle or the mirror. I think I can be both. Being a mother, I am the candle that gives light to my family. A mother will always be in between of everyone in the family comes conflict and misunderstanding. A mother enlighten her children whenever they are in doubt or unsure. I am pretty sure that most of us run to our mothers when the going gets though.

On the other hand, I can be the mirror that reflects the light. To my friends, colleagues and my readers, I try to spread the light with you. But since I am not as always string so I need someone to light me up at those times.

Be the candle or the mirror, and spread the light!

Happy Wednesday!
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