Saturday, November 10, 2012

No Water! Help...

Last week before the long weekend, we have experienced shortage in water supply here in our laboratory. Thus, almost all of our analysis stopped since these require water. Imagine how hard it could be washing glass wares and even going to the comfort room without water.

According to our Maintenance Department, the water pump is not working well and needs to be replaced. We have experienced no water supply for days though they will let the water pump run for awhile so we could save a little water.

Those staffs living inside the plant had a hard time taking bath, washing the dishes and doing the laundry. We were joking on them if they have taken a bath since there's no water supply. Fortunately, the next day, we saw blue large drums in front of each department. Our management decided to buy water from the municipal city so that we could have something to use. Still, we can't run our analysis because we need continuous water flowing through our equipments.

Oh, I could stand living without electricity but not without water supply. So imagine  how delighted we are seeing water pouring from the faucet. Thank God there's this long weekend so the Maintenance department can work double time fixing the water pump. In this time, I wish we have this plumbing calgary that could do the work really fast. They are professionals and work really great, fast and neatly. That way, it won't took us days to bring the water supply back.

Water is really important so we must save and conserve it.
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