Sunday, November 18, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Everything will be Alright

Good morning! It is always feel good to be at your home where you grew up.. Today is the christening of my sister's little angel. She will also turn one on November 20th so this is a double celebration. Time flies really fast that as if only yesterday we are just two little girls who were together playing with our lutu-lutuan made up of tin can and clay. Now, we are both a wife and a mother. #sentimodeagain

Before I forget, here's our Daily Inspiration.

I always try to be a strong person. I try to be positive in the middle of trials and think that everything happens for a reason. At some point, I can't always be strong. I need my family, my husband, my son and most of all God. I need them to give me an assurance that everything will be okay. That's why, in every trial I am facing, I always leave it to God. He is the greatest assurance that everything will be alright.

Have a Blessed Sunday. Don't forget to give phrases and thanks to our Heavenly Father.
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