Monday, November 19, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Misunderstanding

Good morning everyone! Sharing with you our Daily Inspiration for today.

I am not emotionally okay. I am tired, stress and... Oh well, I am not used to telling too personal matters here. But yeah, I am still human after all. I can't be always okay. No it's not about, Matt or Daddy Allan. Amazingly, we have a peaceful family of three. It's someone I love that can't understand that what I am telling him is all for his goodness.

I hate that every time I try to talk to him about his personal issues, he will misunderstood me. I try to live peacefully. I try to be equal and fair to every body, including him. I love them all, but he don't understand that. He's always saying bad words and swear not to ask for anything from me, but then he always eat his words. And me, I always eat my ego and extend my hands to him. All because I love him and I don't want any conflict, for we are family.

I am torn right now. I want to help him but it seems he will never understand my intentions. In any case, even if he hated me for what I have told him, I am still here for him. No matter what he thinks, I am praying he will realize that his family will always be there no matter what. His friends will leave him at the end of the road, but never his family. I am praying he will realize that all I want is for him to have a better life.

So now, for my own self, I will stop explaining. I will just pray for him.

Still a Happy Monday everyone.
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