Friday, November 9, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Open To All Questions

Good morning everyone! It's Friday! Days passed by too fast no? Christmas is really coming and so another New Year. Hay, next year my little Matt will turn 3 and will probably go to school na. Matt is really ma-PR. Early this morning, Matt is watching his Tita who was sweeping in front of our house, the pandesal vendor passed by and Matt politely greeted him "good morning kuya!" with a very cute smile. Another boy passed buy and Matt even got on his way and stopped him by saying "good morning". The boy just looked at him and continue walking. But Matt called him "kuya, kuya, kuya!", until the boy look back and waved his hands. Matt smiled with delight. So cute right?

Here's our Daily Inspiration for today.
Questions please... Hehe :)

Happy Friday! 
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