Friday, November 16, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Choosing to be Positive

Hello everyone! I almost forgot our Daily Inspiration. I am preoccupied and still, with works and sideline works. I need to finish sending reports but the internet connection won't cooperate. Hey Smart, what's happening with you? This has been days and our connection at home is much worst than this. Added to this is that the computer of our Admin Assistant crashed and we can't open it. The updated reports are all there. She needs to update it now because we need to send report within the day. Yesterday, we were so busy with costing report and thank God we already finished and sent the report just before the clock strike 5pm. Oh my, this week is really packed and is not done then yet because I need to update our master list of quality records. Tomorrow we need to go our hometown for my niece Christening. Yay!

NO. NO. NO. No negativits, only POSITIVE vibes so here's our Daily Inspiration.

Just be positive and grateful. Let us drive negativity away.

Thank God it's Friday!
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