Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Loving is Caring...

Hello everyone! Happy to share that all my laboratory examinations are normal! Though, I have asked to repeat the urinalysis since blood was found and so the doctor suspected me to have a UTI. I told her I didn't notice that I already have my menstruation that day when I submitted my urine sample. But still she insisted to do the retest. I have to oblige to have my medical certificate of course and so I did. Fortunately, no blood was seen. It just consumed my time the whole day yesterday because we need to come back in the afternoon to get the result and talk to the doctor again. I am just so thankful I am cleared. Thank God!

Moving to our Daily Inspiration, I have seen this cute photo in Facebook so I will share this with you.
I am guilty in love. Hehe... Oh yes, even if I am angry, I still care for the people I love. Because true love is all about caring even when you are angry. 

Happy Wednesday!
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