Saturday, December 29, 2012

Photostory: He is a Big Boy na!

I am always thankful with everything God is giving us. One of our biggest blessings is our son, Matt.

Look at how big he is now.

At his young age, he already gone through a terrible accident. Just remembering that day makes me feel weak and crying. But look at him now. The scars are almost invisible but the memory is still fresh.

He is growing so fast and so smart. He is so talkative and so energetic.He eats like there's no tomorrow. Haha. Imagine he eats more than his Lola eats. What I like about him is he is never a picky eater. He eats almost all of the vegetables including ampalaya. 

Another thing is he consumes less milk now. Maybe because he eats three full meal with snacks in between. He will just ask for milk when he is about to sleep or when he remembers it. Also, apart from being potty trained already, for more than a month now he never pees at night. But still I put cloth diaper (with 1 bamboo-mf insert only) just in case he accidentally pees.

O di ba? Big boy na talaga. But I am not ready yet. Hehe...

Anyway, like what I have said. I am always thankful that God keeps Matt safe and healthy. That's more than enough to feel blessed :)

Sorry for being a little senti and madrama

2012 brought us tears, joy and happiness. I hope 2013 will be kinder to us. Hehe...

Just 3 days to go and it's another brand new year. Enjoy the rest of the day!

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