Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Without Your Consent

Hello everyone! How's your Christmas day? Now, I know everyone is looking forward for the New Year naman. But for the meantime, we are back at work. 

Aw, I hope it's Saturday already. I am missing Matt so much. He is super kulit these past days maybe because his grandparents are around. Last night he fell and hit the edge of a chair. He got a cut in his lips and thank God it doesn't swell much. I applied ice pack and healing oil last night and I cried while I saw him crying and having tantrums. I thought he is coping pretty well with the terrible twos but then his attitude is changing again. He is having a hard time expressing his self and that he wants to be independent by doing things on his own (and even saying things) but he can't do it just yet. I try to talk to him when he is calm and he would answer me with "opo". So I think, he is a good boy still.

Well, let's move to our Daily Inspiration for today.

I agree. Don't ever allow anyone to let you feel inferior. All of us are equal in God's eyes.

Happy Wednesdays!

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