Monday, December 17, 2012

Photostory: Our Little Pianist

Look who already  received his Christmas gift from Mom and Dad.

Lats Saturday, we went to SM Marilao to buy some stuffs for Nanay and grocery for Christmas and New Year's celebration. But since it's already late and Nanay was so tired, we skip the long list of groceries and just go for the most important ones.

There are so many people buying Christmas gifts, new clothes, shoes, bags, appliances, etc. Madami pera mga tao this season eh. Hehe.

Before we went to hypermarket, Daddy passed by this musical instrument shop. And so Matt followed him quickly and started to pinch on the keyboard. This salesman is really good at sales talk and he even encourage Matt to play the piano. So Matt won't let go and kept on walking around the store. The salesman gave us a good price so Daddy said we will get one for Matt.

So that's the story why Matt has his Christmas gift earlier. Haha. And we never regret it, because we can see how happy, thrilled and delighted he is while playing the piano. He even sings "twinkle, twinkle, little star" while playing the piano and holding the free microphone. 

Even it's a little expensive, his smile is priceless.
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