Monday, December 24, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Teach Our Daughters and Teach Our Sons

Hello! Everyone is excited to have the Noche Buena tonight. We will start to cook early so we can relax before the Noche Buena. One thing I am missing about Noche Buena is being with my siblings. Ever since I got married, I don't get to spend the Noche Buena with them. I wish they are here with us too. This is the consequences we have to face by choosing to live far from our hometown. But this is where life brings us and I am thankful that God is always good to us.  So, I shouldn't be complaining and just pray that all my siblings will have a good life ahead, just like us.

Sorry, sorry... It should be a happy post. Gotta take  a deep breath first, hehe. And os let me share with you our Daily Inspiration for today.

I can't help myself from sharing this with you. Nice naman kasi di ba? The quote says it all.

There's no perfect way to raise our children. But teaching them the right way will help them be a good man and wise woman. Hehe.

Happy Monday! 

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