Saturday, December 22, 2012

Photostory: Second Christmas Gift

Is Matt really good this year? Maybe he has been good because he just received his second Christmas wishlist. The first one is the piano.

Thank you Ninang Noreen!!!

Look how excited he was and he opened it right then and there. Haha! I told him to wait for the Chrsitmas eve but kept on telling me "bukasin Mommy."

Then, when I opened the box he exclaimed "wow!"

Look, he scribbles as soon as I laid it on his table.

He actually have smaller magic slates but this Megasketcher is love! I like that you just need to pull the eraser down then it will move up to erase the whole screen. The pen writing is clear too. This is a perfect gift for toddlers. Megasketcher is available at Toy Kingdom.

Again, thank you so much Ninang Noreen. You just make our little boy happy!
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