Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Blessed Tuesday + A New Sofa Set!

I just came from a meeting this morning. I received a good news and I must say all our hard works has been paid. Well, I haven't receive the blessing on my hands but knowing the company is continuously trusting me and Daddy Allan is more than enough to work harder.

You know I have been so dedicated with my work since I realized I am here to stay (for atleast 4 years from now, haha). Seriously, I feel so blessed and no negativity can break the very good vibes I have.

Anyway, I also have something to share. We already bought a new sofa set!

I can't wait to show them to you so I took photos with my tablet. But actually it was a late post because we bought this before Matt's 4th birthday, which I remember I haven't blog yet. Argh!

Hey, look at Daddy. He's sitting comfortably while crocheting.

I can say I found the right sofa set after 6 long months of searching. Yes, we are in constant look for a perfect sofa since December and it's all worth the long search.

Matt loves to sit on this new sofa too.

He loves to scare us with this look of him with matching "wohohohohoho!" So cute!

Now, we are thinking of buying a smaller carpet to match our new set. And also I told Daddy Allan that we can buy a customized table or we can ask his Papa to make one for us. Then we will just cover it with veneer sheets. Oh, I am so excited to complete or living room set :)

That's for now. Hopefully, I can show to you the highlights of Matt's 4th birthday!

Take care everyone!
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