Friday, June 13, 2014

Gloomy Friday + My Bento Tools

Oh, it's Friday the 13th and it's pay day. It's so cloudy here and there are frequent rain showers. I love the weather now, it's cooler. Although, I can't help but fear that flood comes after the rain. Let's just all pray that may God spare our country from another disaster.

Anyway, you might notice that I have fewer posts. My mind is pre-occupied with my work, with Matt's schooling and his birthday preparation. Matt will be in school on Monday, June 16th and it's also his birthday. Daddy talked to the school personnel and they said it will just be an hour orientation. So with that, we decided not to celebrate his birthday at school. I am so sure everyone will be busy on that day e. We will have a simple celebration at home and we will just invite his new classmates na lang.

Also, finally I was able to buy my Bento tool from Bento Mommas. Here they are fresh from the pouch.

Bento Tools
Actually, this is a late post as I have received this package last Saturday. I asked Daddy to take photos of each tool.
Two tier pyramid box (orange and blue)
I bought two baon boxes. The blue one is for Matt, and the orange one is for me and Daddy. This is 75.00 pesos each.

Car Plungers
When Matt saw the car plungers above, he won't let go? Actually, when I open the pouch and I put the Bento tools one by one, Matt screams wow! Much more when he saw the car plungers (200.00 pesos set of 4).

Animal Silicon Cups
 I also bought animal silicon cups at 80.00 pesos for set of 4.

Animal picks and forks 
Skittle Picks
 I bought animal picks and forks at 75.00 pesos for 6 pcs, and the skittle picks for 45.00 pesos.

Bottle Sauce Kit
Lastly, this bottle sauce kit is 100.00 pesos.

Honestly, I was surprised with the sizes of the bento tools. I thought the baon box is large but it's not and same with the other tools. Daddy find it hard to use the bottle sauce kit because they are really small. What do I expect there are for kids after all. Hehe...

Here's our first Bento fruit and veggie meal.

Bento Fruit and Veggie
One for Matt and one for us.

Bento Fruit and Veggie
For now, this is what we can do. Hopefully, I can buy more Bento tools in the future. Because it's so much fun to make Bento meals, and I love to see Matt's smile right after he saw what's inside his baon box.

Enjoy your weekend!
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