Saturday, June 28, 2014

Matthew Andrei's 4th Birthday

Yes, this is a super delayed post. Finally, I have time to post about Matthew Andrei's McQueen Cars mini party.

Let me start with how we prepare for the party. Two weeks before the party, Daddy and I went to Divisoria to buy some party needs.

McQueen Cars mini party.
My sister and I packed these candy favors.

Party candy favors
Paper cups and plates...

McQueen car cups at 2 pesos ea and McQueen paper plate for at 3 packs (of 10 pieces) for 100 pesos only

The balloons..

Character Balloons
I just print out the banner and added McQueen car stickers.

Daddy and I cooked all the food. He even baked cupcakes. I am so sure he will tell you how his cupcakes have turned out. Hehe.

So let's fast forward, here is the birthday boy who just woke up from his afternoon sleep.

And here's our simple celebration.

His guests...

His "wohohohoho" look.

The little boy had a blast with these kids who are his constant guests on his birthday.

Balloons are everywhere. Did you know that at Divisoria, you can but those character balloons at 120 pesos for 12 pieces including the sticks? Yes, it's only 10 pesos each. While the rubber balloons with print is 85 pesos for 25 pieces and the stick is 1 peso each.

These are the cupcakes Daddy Allan baked. He needs more practice pa but they are yummy naman.

Then, the blowing of candle. And he wished for another birthday =)

More photo opps after the first batch of visitors left.

It was a long tiring day but all is worth because the little boy was so happy that he's asking if it's still his birthday the next day. Haha! I think he liked his McQueen Car mini party so much!

That's all guys! See you again next week. Enjoy your weekend!

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