Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday Musings + An Update

Finally, after a week of not posting! Please excuse me as I am so busy with my work, business and family. I feel like a day is not enough to do everything with just my two hands. Nevertheless, I overcome the week of busyness.

So let me just give you a little update of the week that was. Last weekend, we finally had our company outing at Laguna. Our company rented a private hot spring resort for our division. Of course we tagged Matthew along who was so excited to swim on the pool. Here are some of the few photos we had taken during the outing.

It's not too obvious that he enjoyed the kiddie pool so much. Look!

And he kept on jumping that almost gave me a heart attack, hehe!

Then, we had a chance to have a photo together.

And with his Dad too.

The pool has a color changing effect at night. So cool no, though the water is hot hehe...

Here's a photo a grabbed from Bethel Hot Spring Resort FB page.

photo source: Bethel Hot Spring Resort
The place is beautiful and clean. We had a comfortable stay in a solo room. Unfortunately, this is the only photo I had taken inside our room.

Matt had so much fun and if only we can afford to book the entire place for our family, then we will be happy to go back there.

On the other side, we are preparing for Matt's first day of school. The school opening is supposedly on June 9th but it was moved on the 16th. Guess what, it's Matt's 4th birthday! So now we are preparing for Matt's first day for this school year and his 4th birthday. Because of that, I already feel the pressure.

I asked Daddy if we will still have a feeding on school. We are having second thought since it's the first day of school so we will see. We also need to know how many students there are in Matt's class. Ay good luck to us, hehe!

Anyway, lately I have been thinking of closing this blog and just concentrate on our Family Blog. But then, I had invested so much in this blog that I feed it's still worth to keep. Maybe I just need to have a revamp and have a new direction. I just wish I can afford the service of a blog coach. How I wish! Hehe...

So that's the latest about me and my family. Have a great weekend everyone!
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