Friday, June 20, 2014

Matthew Andrei's First Day of School

Last June 16, our Matthew Andrei enter a new chapter of his life. He's now a school boy.

Matthew Andrei's First Day of School 

After our last minute school preparation, our Matthew is ready to start his schooling.

Daddy and I walked with him to school since it's just a few steps away from our home sweet home. Actually natatanaw lang ang room nila from our balcony =)

I took some photos inside. Daddy was a little shy yata to take photos e.

Since he already had his summer class, Matthew knows what to so. After finding a chair to sit, he get his pad paper and pencil then start to write his name.

When the door of their room closed, Daddy and I decided to wait a little at the waiting area. Daddy took pala a photo of me, which he tagged as Donya look, haha!

Please pardon me for the sweaty, gusgusin look. Preparing Matt for the school is so stressful as he always want to play habulan. Also, we still need to cook for Matthew's McQueen car mini party later that afternoon. That I will blog next =)

When we got back at the school I saw Matt running outside to the comfort room to pee. I assisted him and led him back to the room. Oh no! The kids were unstoppable, including Matt who kept on leaving his chair and roaming around. I observed what he's doing so after class I will tell him what he should not do.

That night, I kept on reminding him what he shouldn't do inside the classroom. I told him not to leave his chair as his classmate might sit on it or get his things. I also told him not to stand and roam around unless his teacher told him so. Lastly, I told him to seek for help when going to the comfort room. There's someone in charge to look after the children who went outside their room naman e. I kept on talking and reminding him, and then he interrupted me with this "Mommy, unlimited ka ba?" Hahaha!

Also, I am planning to teach him again how to read so I bought a small white board.

See the cars? His cars are always with him, well except when he's in school. Now, he's more masinop with his things and cars. He keep his things inside a bag when he's leaving for school, or when we are about to sleep. Maybe he learned his lesson when we throw all his cars that he had wrecked and pull off the tires. I told his yaya to throw all those damaged cars and toys. Upon hearing that he grabbed a plastic and put inside all his cars that are still okay. From then on, he take good care of his toys and cars =)

Hay, time flies no? He's almost a week at school. Next week, they will already have their regular hours at school.

I can't believe this schedule, hopefully he can cope up well. I know this is just the beginning and we will be busier in the coming days, weeks and months, until the school year ends. So good luck to our boy and to us as well =)

Happy weekend!
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