Wednesday, June 18, 2014

First Day of School Preparation

It's official! Our Matthew Andrei is already a school boy. Before that, we did the last minute preparation and it was stressful. We had to finished pa kasi this batch of crochet MTO.

Crochet lavender chucks and white shell hat with interchangeable flowers
After finishing this batch of order, Daddy and I started to prepare Matt's school things.

I made customized labels with McQueen car for Matt's books, notebooks and all his school things. When Matt saw it, his eyes grew big with delight. Sulit na ang pagod :)

Daddy covered all the books and notebook with plastic, while I put Matthew's name on all his school things.

We spent the entire Sunday afternoon preparing all his school things, and you can't just imagine the sigh of relief I had after we finished everything. We need to prepare for his mini party pa kasi on his first day of school too.

Our little boy is so ready for school. Matt has 7 books and 3 notebooks.

He is also required to have an emergency kit box. Since we have no shoe box at home, I used this cute box =)

The emergency kit box must contain tissue paper and wipes and each of underwear, shirt, shorts and sando. But yesterday, they gave us a new list and we must add baby powder and two pieces of small towel.

They are required to submit short and long folders and envelopes. We also submit art paper and bond paper that are included on the new list yesterday.

And of course, here's Matthew's new bag. 

McQueen car school bag
Matt personally chose this McQueen car bag and the McQueen water container with straw. We had our last minute shopping last June 12. We failed to buy a pair of black shoes because all the shoes we like has no size for him. We will go back to buy his shoes before July since by then, he's required already to wear his uniform. Speaking of his uniform, we have it tailored and we can get it before the end of June.

So nothing's gonna stop of Matthew's first day of school.

First Day of School Preparation
I know this doesn't stop here and we will have more work to do. Homework, school project, field trips and more. We must be prepared physically, emotionally and financially as we guide and support our son to his life's journey and success.

My next post will be his first day of school =)

Have great day ahead everyone!
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