Friday, March 6, 2015

Hello March!

Hello guys! Hello March!

It's been more than week since my last update. Wala lang... There are so many things running in my mind kasi and I can not think well. With that, it's so hard to write a post di ba? It's also hard to pretend to be okay when you are not. As much as possible, I want to be honest with what I feel. And the real truth since we lost our house help and I stayed at home for 4 days, my emotions are down. It's not that I don't want to be a stay at home mom because that's what my heart's desire ever since.

Actually, like what I have posted already, that event made me realized a lot of things. It is just that there are lot of things to be considered and I don't what to be selfish. I am so lucky that I have a very supportive husband and he may not know how his words made my trouble mind at peace. Most especially, I find comfort in God. For I know, He's in control.

I can say that acceptance is the key to achieve peacefulness in life. That's why I'm doing my best to accept things as there are. This is God's plan and for sure He will never give us this if we can't make it through.

On the lighter note naman. Let me share how Matthew is doing as a growing child.

He never fails to amazed us. He can draw well. Look!

And this week, nag-improve na agad to this!

His writing is improving as well.

He's still playful but he can understand us more now. When I said, don't speak such words because it's bad, he will follow me. If he hears such words, he will quickly say, "bad po 'yon." He is super sumbungero din kaya wala lusot, haha

He's learning so much. Like one night, when he's Daddy and I are talking. He interrupted us by saying, "Mommy, excuse me po." I was stunned and looked at him. As if he understood what's inside my mind, he quickly said, "Pag po naguusap dalawang tao, kung gusto mo po kausapin yun isa mageexcuse ka po di ba?" Time really flies because this little boy who loves butting in our conversion already know to say excuse me po.

Truly, he's the source of our joy. The best stress reliever we can ever have.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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